The business concept with Easy Shop Systems is to offer simple, flexible and affordable shop fittings with full support throughout the whole process, from layout proposals, to assembly and future development.
Additionally, we can offer a wide range of accessories that are continuously further developed and expanded as we take on new and exciting projects.

Thanks to our flexible shop fitting system, branding and corporate identity has become one of our specialties. We develop and produce interior fittings, display stands and promotional stands together with our customers, to expose and highlight products in an optimal way.
We also produce various types of profile boards such as top signs, logo printing for shop counters, side cladding, price signs etc.

Because we use products from our standard range, we can make special solutions at very affordable prices, at the same time as we have the widest range in terms of height, width and depth. Our system has a load capacity that is unbeatable in terms of shop fitting systems.
We are happy to tailor your specific interior to enhance the company’s or brand’s profile.


Easy Shopsystems can today offer the BASIC shelf system.


Our BASIC system is manufactured of galvanized high quality steel that is tested and approved by the German safety standard TÜV-GS.
BASIC is a unique shop fitting that is easy to assemble, move, add and change. No tools, screws or bolts are required for assembling. Despite its amazing low weight, the system has an extremely high load capacity – up to 640 kg/shelf.
The wide range in terms of height, width and depth makes the BASIC system adaptable to all needs and dimensions. A large number of accessories are available to supplement with the best possible exposure. The BASIC system consists of the basic sections, which are then combined with e.g. shelves and side cladding, available in a variety of designs, materials and colors.
Shop counters, exposure tables, wire baskets, fitting rooms, and much more are also included in the range. The system is unique on the market. It has a low investment cost and long service life, which makes the system very affordable. This together with the combination possibilities and different functions makes the system very competitive.