The Single system is developed to optimize the logistics warehouse solutions, in an ergonomic way, for single hanging items, through the entire process. The system is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance and has a high capacity without any complicated controlling.
The system is very flexible and allows for customized solutions for each customer’s needs, from the small warehouse that´s operated manually, to larger facilities in need of full-and / or semi-automatic processes.
The Single system is ideal for handling individual items and can of course be combined with various machines and workstations needed for this handling, such as unpacking, finishing, wrapping and labeling.
Different customers have different solution requirements. We have the solutions that cover most needs.

Manual system

The manual system consist of a slick rail in combination with an easy sliding surface including all necessary switches, brackets and loading and unloading stations.
The system is mainly developed to handle single or bundle garments in working areas. The hangers can easily be pushed by hand, and the system is ergonomically adapted for the user.

Semi-automatic system

The semi-automatic system consists in general of a slick rail in combination with TX200AC , TX200FD and TX200S conveyors.
The system is mainly used for feeding and unloading tunnel finishers, bagging machines and also for transport of goods between different working stations, as well as different levels.

Automatic system

The fully automatic system consists in general of TX200S, TX200FD and TX200AC conveyors. The conveyor is then fed automatically. The system is mainly used to bring all garments in an automatic flow from arrival, different handling, sorting and finally delivery.
The material flow software controls all processes within the whole conveyor system. It can also be connected with the existing WMS (Warehouse Management System).