The Trolley system that has existed since 1976, is designed to optimize the logistics warehouse solutions, in an ergonomic way for hanging goods. This is accomplished, often with some form of unifying trolley, where each unit consists of one or more copies of the product such as clothing, furniture, plastic products etc.

The system is very flexible and reliable and allows for customized logistics solutions from the small manual warehouse to full-and / or semi-automated warehouses withseveral floors.
Different customers have different solution requirements. We have the solutions that cover most needs.

Manual system

The manual system which is essentially a transport and storage system is composed of Transportex basic components. This flexible base system makes it possible to offer each client a customized and optimized solution and can be expanded at the rate the customer wishes.

The manual system with its low investment cost is ergonomically designed for staff and requires minimal maintenance, which in turn eliminates costly downtime.

Semi-automatic system

By integrating the Transportex conveyors in the manual system, the capacity and handling of hanging goods can also be expanded according to customer requirements.

The semi-automatic system with the conveyors helps us to transport cargo from A to B, for example vertically up and down to a mezzanine. At each planning stage, the degree of automation to handle customer requirements, in combination with the most cost effective solution is taken into discussion.

The system is built to withstand maximum operation around the clock and with a design that is simple and functional, with a minimal number of moving parts that only emit a low noise level. This means that you get a reliable system with low operation and maintenance costs.

Automatic system

The fully automatic system usually consists of conveyors combined with controlled switches to the selected destination. The conveyor is then fed automatically. The system is used to get the goods on an automatic flow from arrival, buffering, sorting and finally delivery.

The material flow software controls all processes within the whole conveyor system. It can also be connected with the existing WMS (Warehouse Management System).